• Limited Edition Signed by the Author Natasha Tsakos, only available here.
  • Hardcover, printed on high-end photo paper, 8×10 in, 21×26 cm122 pages. 


COLOURS a nonsense by Natasha Tsakos THE ART BOOK 

Gold Winner IBPA Benjamin Franklin Digital Award


COLOURS is an absurd tragicomedy for six characters. The play engages the audience on a fool’s odyssey as he battles to make sense of a new world upon surviving an apocalyptic catastrophe, in search of a bathtub. A Peculiar Commentary on the Human Condition Facing the Perplexities of Modernity.


Each page of the play is designed as a work of art, carefully crafted through composition and typography to animate ideas on paper. "The book is entirely and intentionally composed of a mixture of real and imaginary words”, twisted, invented, pun intended. COLOURS bridges philosophy and absurdity in a judiciously dynamic way. 


“Visually stunning” -IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Award Review 


"Delightful, intriguing, insightful, hilarious, and unsettling” -David Livingstone Smith, Author  


“Better than Ionesco” - Jorge Guerra, Former Dean of Theater, New World School of the Arts


"A small masterpiece” -Ruth Resnikoff, Former Director of Play Readings, Mosaic Theater

Art Book: COLOURS a Nonsense by Natasha Tsakos

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