Beautiful 29" x 30" Direct Impression Plexiglass Print from COLOURS A NONSENSE written and designed by Natasha Tsakos


Please note the background color of this print is customizabe to a color of your choosing. Feel free to send me the CMYK color code in your check-out message. Thank you!


"Blabble, bible, babble, bubbling.

Not enough words to describe the suffering

Flablaglasted by mine own self!!!!

Pronunciation trembling for fear of continuing.......

The extreme lunacy

Holding my arms up high

Laying down, in the sound, sinking

Reaching, reaching, reaching

Gogo gagdetting arms not functioning

Cartoons evangelizing lies to children listening

In black and white recollecting the events

Speed tremendously augmenting!

Police behind me chasing

Red white blue blinding

The colors of fafafafafabric

over worshipped wrecked by Copernic."

Excerpt from COLOURS a nonsense © by Natasha Tsakos

"Extreme Lunacy" Wall Art

  • If, for some reason, the artwork has been damaged during shipping, I will ship you another piece, after having received the defective one. You are responsible for return shipping. All returns must be made within 7 days of receiving your order. Thank you!


    Natasha Tsakos