Beautiful 29" x 30" Direct Impression Plexiglass Print from COLOURS A NONSENSE written and designed by Natasha Tsakos


Please note the background color of this print is customizabe to a color of your choosing. Feel free to send me the CMYK color code in your check-out message. Thank you!


"It is too late now to think of what we could have done.

What I should have done.

Or what I should have never done.

If I am here now, result of what I did not do.

It is a story unfinished.

As unfinished is the world.

As unfinished was its beginning.

The thousands of lives we live.

None them hours  Today I will not speak.

Tomorrow I will not speak.

To no one, ever, I will not speak.

All I gave you were colours"

Excerpt from COLOURS a nonsense © by Natasha Tsakos

"Thousands of Lives"

  • If, for some reason, the artwork has been damaged during shipping, I will ship you another piece, after having received the defective one. You are responsible for return shipping. All returns must be made within 7 days of receiving your order. Thank you!


    Natasha Tsakos