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Do you have a creative project that’s been quietly nudging you? Or the burgeoning of an idea that's been tickling you? An experience, an installation, a show, an activation, a creative venture? Do you find yourself paralyzed by overthinking, not knowing where to start and bogged down by an ever-expanding to-do list? Let's do it together! Join me on this 3-day super intimate online workshop, limited to 6 participants only.

1 week intensive. 3 classes.3 hours per class.6 Participants only.Intimate Online workshop.

I believe in an all-in and focused sprints approach where we dive in, develop, deliver - and delight! Each day we’ll delve deeper into your idea, shaping and pre-visualizing it, harnessing AI tools, and pinpointing funding avenues. Our journey culminates in pitch presentations, transforming your vision into a viable proposition. This workshop is designed to be intensely productive, sharply focused, and inherently playful. It is your pathway to transforming your creative vision into a tangible experience and business venture, all within a supportive and collaborative environment. You will leave the class pitch-ready, empowered with a mighty new network of like-minded creatives.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to develop an experience, regardless of its form.

  • Creative Entrepreneurs

  • Experience Makers

  • Directors-Choreographers-Playwrights-Producers

  • Performers-Actors-Performance Artists

  • Playful Futurists

  • Teachers

  • Event Planners

  • Coders-Digital Artists

  • Visual Artists

  • Wild Cards

What's in store for you:

  • 🔄 Direct, real-time feedback

  • ⏱️ Creative sprints, prompts, and methodologies for process refinement

  • 🔐 A treasure trove of tips, tactics, and resources from two decades of experience

  • ♾️ An intimate and trusted space for development and feedback

  • 🎯A structured program that ensures you stay on track

  • 🔆 An enduring network of peers with shared visions

  • And, a one-on-one session with yours truly!


It's time to turn your dreams into your reality.

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Natasha Tsakos

Natasha Tsakos is a show maker, conceptual director, writer, performer and producer whose international career ranges from TED and the United Nations to a mind-boggling array of projects blending fantasy, technology, and liberating performances. Natasha’s approach blends cinematic techniques, non-linear storytelling, music dynamics, and technology with live performance to make profound statements on how we live in an utterly original language. She has created and performed for: The Discovery Channel, G20 Summit, Tribeca Film Festival, Planet Prize, The Super Bowl with Cirque du Soleil, TED Conference, Google, IBM, and The United Nations General Assembly.  Natasha is passionate about the language of interactivity between the imaginary and the real, and creating extraordinary experiences on Earth and Beyond.

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