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The Dream Museum


Quiet... Humans Sleeping, Suitcases Living, Hearts Beating, Brains Emitting, Sounds Emoting...

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The Experiment

Does an actor performing within a set of imaginary circumstances physiologically respond the same as a person experiencing similar events in the 'real world'? The discovery of Mirror Neurons suggests that the mind cannot differentiate the observed from the experienced.

In 2006, Natasha Tsakos decided to find out how her mind and heart responded while performing her show UP WAKE.

A team of neuroscientists led by Ted Zanto observed and recorded Natasha Tsakos' brain waves while she reenacted the show mentally.

Axial MRI of Natasha Tsakos' aka "Zero"' brain while reenacting the show mentally

UP WAKE Brain Experiment for The Dream Museum led by

The Dream Museum was presented at Damien B. Contemporary Art Center, Bob Risse's private home during Art Basel and Sleepless Night Festival in Miami Beach

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The same experiment was conducted by cardiologists at the Miami Children Hospital.

Part of the Dream Museum installation displays the matching of Zero's brain waves, heart beats and sound waves so you may witness how the emotional and mental frequency states of Zero align throughout his journey.

The experiment focuses on six specific sequences in UP WAKE entitled: "Breathing" (sound of Zero breathing through his suitcase), "Gun" (Zero breaking the fourth wall) , "My Hump" (a popular tune at the time), "Water" (Sound of water as Zero discovers his reflection), "Making Love"  and "Apocalypse".

Natasha Tsakos' Heart Ultrasound while reenacting UP WAKE mentally. Show sequences appear on the bottom of the screen.

UP WAKE Heart Experiment for The Dream Museum conducted by SUSANA BARROSO & ELIZABETH WELCH

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Caution: Humans Sleeping

As you step inside The Dream Museum, you'll experience fellow humans sleeping around you. Keep on your journey dear wonderer and let them dream...

Conceptualized by NATASHA TSAKOS Choreography by OCTAVIO CAMPOS Installation Design by CAROLINA PAGANI  Live Improvised Electronic Music THE LAVOISIER X-PERIENCE Performance Art Installation Featuring DIANA LOZANO, OCTAVIO CAMPOS, LUCKY BRUNO, APRIL HENRY, COHDI HARRELL, BELAXIS BUIL, RON HEADRICK, the cast of CIRCX and NATASHA TSAKOS as "ZERO"


The Living Suitcases

The Breathing Suitcase, The X-Rayed Suitcase, The Work Suitcase, The War Suitcase, The Love Suitcase, The Crying Suitcase, The Suitcase...

The suitcases that Zero interacts with in UP WAKE are individually displayed as Works of Art, paired with headphones so you may hear the moment in which each appears in the show. All suitcases have been masterfully re-designed by Carolina Pagani.

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"The Crying Suitcase" from UP WAKE designed by Carolina Pagani



3D renders of UP WAKE and Photography of the show and pre-production by Carolina Pagani.