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World-renowned for integrating technology with live performance, Natasha Tsakos offers a unique and comprehensive suite of creative consultation services for Experiential and Immersive Production Design and Content Creation. Her work as a show maker, conceptual director, and interactive designer spans two decades, showcasing her ability to construct engaging, immersive worlds through multidisciplinary mediums.


Known as an abundant idea generator, Natasha brings an out-of-the-box thinking approach to every project she undertakes. From initial brainstorming to final production, she provides tailored guidance through each step of the creative process. Her consultation services encompass concept development, scripting, dramaturgy, stage and audience experience design, sound design, choreography, and direction. This holistic approach ensures a seamless alignment between your vision and the final product.


Drawing on her experience in world building, storyboarding, and producing, Natasha provides invaluable insights into creating immersive experiences that captivate audiences. She applies her knowledge and skills to all aspects of production, ensuring your performance stands out in an ever-evolving entertainment landscape. With her unique perspective and passion for innovative storytelling, Natasha can help you transform your theatrical concept into a dynamic, immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional performance. Connect with Natasha to bring your visionary project to life, and create unforgettable experiences that resonate with audiences around the world.


"Natasha Tsakos is a Wizard! She has such great ideas and her creativity and passion is infectious. The time I worked with her was some of the most magical moments I have experienced as an artist" 


Miral Kotb, Founder and CEO, iLUMINATE

"Natasha Tsakos is a one-woman Renaissance. Creatives who produce what they set out to make are a rare combination in this world and Natasha Tsakos does exactly that. Working with Natasha is an absolute pleasure because you are immediately astounded by her energy and know that she will do whatever it takes to make the project great. Her vision, artistic integrity and production value is of the highest caliber while her resourcefulness can also produce incredible results at a reasonable budget if necessary. A visionary, performer, playwright, director, producer, and so much more, Natasha works spherically with unparalleled focus. Be prepared for inspiration!" 


April Henry, Award-Winning Producer, Singer, Songwriter

"When I decided to create "Six Impossible Things", there was only one person that came to mind, Natasha Tsakos. Her intelligence, experience, and creative direction was the perfect match to bring the impossible to life, and that's exactly what she did. Her directive prowess was only matched by her work behind the scenes, teaching me more in several weeks than I had learned in the past several years. Natasha's ability to handle multiple roles and still remain vigilant on each task is inspiring to say the least. It's not that Natasha made the impossible possible, she was able to bring the impossible within our grasp." 


Remy Connor, Magician and Mentalist

"Natasha embodies creativity. Always raising the bar & constantly pushing the technological boundaries of performance art. She is fearless. I have had the distinct honor of collaborating on several projects with her. If you get the chance to work with Ms. Tsakos, you simply must." 


Nathan Rausch, President, Invention Pictures, Inc


Let's Make Something Extraordinary.

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