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When we are too close to the problem or too familiar with our disciplines, we often lose sight of the bigger picture and the simplest clues.


You may need a Wild Card.

A disruption.

˙uoᴉsɹǝʌuᴉ u∀

A question.

A curious visitor.

An agent provocateur.

I can help you by connecting dots in unusual ways and bring surprising ideas to the table that may inspire your next leap. My combined experience in Entertainment and Technology makes this proposition unique. Experiences, services, products, concepts, systems, I love to re-think everything! Now is the time to suspend our disbelief and reimagine Your future.

Let's play together! and reconsider your work and industry with ingenuity, foresight, and great imagination.

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Vital Currents NWS

Creative Think Tanks


Helping you reach new audiences and reimagine your industry, service, experience and next steps. Creative think tanks can happen in-person or online.

Notable clients include: The New World Symphony, Performing Arts Center Consortium (PACC), Big Picture Sustainability Winter Institute, The Orchard Project, Virginia Theater Association, Georgia Institute of Technology, UN-TECH, Withstella, The World Innovation Network (TWIN), and AMS Consulting. Natasha is the founder emeritus of SingularityU Miami Chapter, an advisor of Exponential Creativity Ventures, and on the board of directors of TEDxBroadway.


Natasha Tsakos has given Workshops for Arts Organizations, Schools, Universities, Events and on TV. Workshops can be designed with a clear end goal, as a gateway to another creative modality or as a much needed break during your conference. Depending on duration and group size, a Creative Workshop can be curated by several guest artists. Let's get out of our heads and into our bodies, tap into flow and reimagine through play.


Notable clients include:  The Art Directors Club, Georgia Institute of Technology, Young Arts Foundation, New World School of the Arts, The Governor's School for the Arts, The Design and Architecture School, TASIS The American School in Switzerland, and Telemundo.


I am here to help YOU. One on One consults involve lots of listening,  and coaching you to better help you reach the next phase in your career. I'll impart my knowledge, tips, hacks, feedback, research and insights. Let's reimagine your work, service, experience and next steps together. One on One consultations can happen in-person or online.


Select Clients include: Entertainment and Business Industry Executives and Startup founders.

"Natasha Tsakos is a Wizard! She has challenged and inspired me to do things I never thought I could! She has such great ideas and her creativity and passion is infectious. The time I worked with her was some of the most magical moments I have experienced as an artist" Miral Kotb, Founder and CEO, iLUMINATE

Have a peek at some of my ideas...

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