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What will you make in space? 

What will you make in space? 


When we are too close to the problem or too familiar with our disciplines, we often lose sight of the bigger picture or the simplest clues.


I can help you get unstuck by connecting dots in unusual ways and bring surprising ideas to the table.


My passion for theater and fascination with technology makes this proposition unique. Let’s bridge story telling, human centered design and interactivity, with the magic and complexities of technology. Products, services, experiences, concepts, systems, I love to re-think everything! 


By looking at technologies available today and anticipating where they will be in the next decade, we can better envision what the future will be like, and plan and design for it. Artificial Intelligence, the IOT, VR, AR, Mixed Reality, Drones, Robotics, Connectivity… Let's look at the new tools, stages and dynamics at play, and devise creative solutions together.


I can spend an hour, a day, or more, immersed in your company’s culture, understanding the given problems and brainstorm solutions and ideas. A Creative Think Tank can happen in person or over video conference and can be as short as a couple of hours or as long as a month; however long we need to re-think and remodel your business, brand, organization or industry. I am here to help.


Now is the time to think with a science fiction lens. Suspend our disbelief and boldly reimagine the future. Let's reconsider every service, object and experience with grand imagination. Karaoke showers, dancing shoes, doctor drones, flying schools...  Let's imagine together, the future no one can predict.

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Have a peek at some of my ideas...